I have included here some of the ‘issues’ I have run into when making cheese, along with suggestions and solutions for how to resolve the problem. Any comments or additional remedies you know of, let me know and I will add them here if appropriate.

Curd not setting

Possible causes:

  • Contamination
  • Old Rennet
  • Not enough Rennet
  • Milk too acidic


  • Replace Rennet
  • Use correct amount of Rennet
  • Ensure sanitisation of all equipment and areas used

‘Loose’ knit of cheese

Possible causes:

  • Not enough weight when pressing
  • Curds too cold when pressing
  • Semi-rind formed before pressing (can occur when salting the curds)


  • Heavier pressing weights
  • Keep curds warm before pressing

Mold growing on cheese

Possible causes:

  • Too warm conditions
  • Molds present in aging area
  • Contamination


  • Ensure sanitisation of area
  • Wash with white vinegar and brine
  • Scrap mold off
  • Keep at appropriate temperature

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