• Make sure you have an entirely clean, dirt and dust free area
  • Use a sterilising solution to clean your utensils and surfaces
  • Have all the equipment you need at the ready

Warming/Heating Milk and Curds

  • Use a double boiler or a sink with heated water
  • Control your temperatures using an accurate thermometer
  • Heat slowly and consistantly, don’t heat too quickly
  • Don’t over heat beyond what the recipe states

Adding Cultures

  • Measure carefully – only add what the recipe specifies.
  • Sprinkle on top of the milk and then leave for half a minute to melt in – then stir in thoroughly.
  • Keep cultures frozen if freeze dried and keep stored in a sealed bag or container.

Adding Rennet

  • Dilute Rennet in boiled and cooled water before adding.
  • Measure carefully – too much Rennet leaves a bitter aftertaste.
  • Stir in an up and down motion and then around the pot in both directions.
  • Don’t stir for too long – some recipes call for 5 minutes, I think this is far too long.

Checking For A Clean Break

  • Use a sterilised knife, or a VERY clean finger
  • Run either through the curd at a slight angle, about 3cm deep
  • Check to see that the curd separates cleanly, with a clean edge and a clear whey starting to pool in the break
  • If the curd is mushy and falls back into the break in pieces, it has not set
  • Another way is to use a clean palette knife and attempt to press the curd away from the side of the pot. If it comes away in a solid piece without breaking up, you have a good firm curd

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