Below are some of the common pieces of equipment you will need for cheesemaking:


  • Milk – obvious enough right? 
  • Rennet – animal or vegetable
  • Cultures – there are many available for all types of cheese
  • Stock Pot – I recommend at least a 10 litre stainless steel pot
  • Thermometer – Digital or dial, it doesn’t matter as long as it is accurate
  • Cheese cloth – for lining your molds and straining curds through
  • Stainless Ladle with holes – for stirring your milk and draining out curds
  • Stainless straight blade knife – for cutting your curds
  • Molds – for forming your cheeses

Hard Cheeses and Advanced Equipment

  • Moulds – for creating cheeses like Camembert and Stilton
  • Wax – for sealing your cheeses
  • Cheese Press – used for hard cheeses
  • PH Meter – for testing PH levels
  • Cheese Cave – used to store cheeses longer term

Suppliers (New Zealand)


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