10 litres milk
1/8 tsp Mesophilic culture (I use Chr.Hansen’s R704)
Rennet – amounts as per manufacturers recommendations
Non-iodized salt, kosher salt or canning salt

Warm milk to 32c
Stir in Culture
Leave to ripen for 1 hour
Add diluted Rennet
Leave to set for 1 hour
Carefully cut the curd into 1cm cubes
Leave to rest for 10 minutes
Very slowly heat the curds up to 38c over 30 minutes

Stir regularly to prevent the curds from matting and to scald them all
Leave to rest again for 10 minutes
Ladle all the curd out (save your whey for Ricotta) into either a sterilised cheese cloth over a colander or bowl or a cheese cloth lined Feta mold

Either hang your knotted cheese cloth over a sink for the cheese to press with it’s own weight or press in a rectangle mold for 4 hours (or overnight) at 15kg
When pressed, cut the cheese into cubes and sprinkle generously over all sides with salt and then leave to drain on a cheese mat overnight (cover with a fly net)
Place in a container and put in the fridge to age for 3-4 days


Short term you can store your Feta in the fridge if you intend to use immediately but if you want to keep it longer store the cheese in a brine solution in the fridge. You can also store in olive oil with roasted garlic and rosemary which also leaves you with a delicious oil for dressings afterwards.

Note: To get a sharper more traditional flavour you can add Lipase to your Feta at the same time you add the culture.

To see information about any of the techniques used above see the Techniques page.


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