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The recipes below, at this stage, don’t cover all the different cheeses I have made but I will eventually have them all appear here as I make each cheese again and post about it.

These recipes are my own versions, made up from a combination of resources which I have played with until I ultimately get a recipe that I find works everytime, keeps the process enjoyable and produces a great cheese. You will find many variations of cheese recipes and there are bound to be more ‘pure’ versions but these ones work for me so I’m sharing them with you.

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Haloumi or halloumi is a traditional Cypriot Cheese but it is also popular in Greece. Traditionally it is made from a mixture of goat and sheeps milk but I make it with cows milk.  It has a high melting point and is prepared by frying or grilling it. Haloumi is unusual in that no starter is used in the make.


A soft, creamy, surface-ripened cheese made from Cows milk. Recognisable by it’s white mold rind. It was first found in Normandy, northern France in the 18th century. Delicious spread on a thin cracker or eaten by itself rind and all.


Feta is a soft brined curd cheese originating in Greece.  It is traditionally made with sheeps or goats milk but I make mine with Cows milk. Feta is normally cut and stored in cubes and is a lovely addition to salads, pastries and with fresh vegetables. It has a reasonably salty flavour, particularly if stored in brine.


A soft Italian cheese often used for Pizzas and also eaten fresh. Traditionally made from Water Buffalo milk it is also made with Cows milk. This cheese gets it’s character by being stretched and kneaded and pulled into a stringy, pliable ball.

Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is an American semi-hard cheese made using cow’s milk. You may also find other ‘Jack’ varieties including Pepper Jack and Colby Jack. To get a softer Jack the cheese is aged for 1 month while some can be aged up to 6 months but this will result in a firmer, crumblier cheese.

Easy Ricotta

Ricotta is an Italian whey cheese, made from the left over whey when making other cheeses. The name Ricotta literally means ‘cooked again’ which explains what happens when making Ricotta. which can be made from sheep, cows and goats milk whey. Ricotta can not be made from the whey of acid-set cheeses as the protein has already been used in the original cheese.

If you want a recipe for a specific cheese let me know and I’ll see what I can find for you.


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